Kaleidoscope Quilt

This beautiful quilt takes me to the mediterranean (even though I’ve never been and hopefully will soon). I can only say that because of all the travel shows I have watched. However I couldn’t come up with a name for the quilt but someone said it reminded them of a kaleidoscope- and there you have it! Besides, it’s a beautiful blue quilt! As you will notice, most of the quilt patterns I create and/or make, will always have blue.

Colors used: Moda Bella Regatta, Moda Bella Skylight, Kona Cotton Pepper, Kona Cotton White, Michael Miller Fabrics Clover

Fabric Requirements

56″ x 56″

Light Blue1/2 yard
Green1/2 yard
Black1/2 yard
Dark Blue1-1/3 yard
White2-3/4 yard

Fabric Requirements

84″ x 84″

Light Blue1-1/4 yd
Green1-1/4 yd
Black1 yd
Dark Blue2 yd
White5-1/2 yd

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