Scrappy Fritz Farm Quilt

Inspired by The Summit at Fritz Farm

Making your HST’s (half-square triangles) using the “Magic 8” Method

  1. On the white 6 inch square (or 7-inch, if you are doing the 16-inch quilt block), draw two diagonal lines corner to corner, one vertically down the center and one horizontally through the center.
  2. Place the two fabrics (one white and one print/solid) on top of each other. Right sides together. Meaning if one is a print (or even both), then the print should be facing the other fabric.
  3. Stitch one line on each side of the diagonal lines 1/4-inch from the line. You will have a total of 4 stitched lines.
  4. To cut out your unfinished half-square triangles, cut on each of the four drawn lines.
  5. Open them up to reveal your 8 beautiful half-square triangles! Press seams open!

Trimming your HST’s

  1. After pressing your HST’s open, use your 45degree angle on your ruler to line up on your seam and trim about a quarter inch off.
  2. Turn your HST, line up the sides to 2 inch while also lining up your 45degree angle on the seam, to trim off the excess fabric.

Block Assembly

Quilt Assembly | 12 inch block

Quilt Assembly | 16 inch block

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