Meet Helen, The Hippo

So the story goes … (as I’ve heard it a thousand and one times) … one day when my mother-in-law was a young girl, about 5, her father brought home a toy hippo (a stuffed one, I believe, oh and purple!). I’m pretty sure for every holiday and/or occasion thereafter she received one from him. A number of those beloved hippos are about her house, especially since there are four grandchildren around to continue to love on them. I believe she may want one of them to gravitate towards hippos, possibly as their favorite animal.

Naturally, the one and only granddaughter (mine!) likes hippos, while I’m not sure if it is her favorite animal nonetheless she likes hippos. Also, they share the same favorite color, purple!

What she hasn’t cared for … are the quilts I have made her! Not that anything was wrong with them. Swear! Nope – she prefers the cheap $5 Walmart Doc McStuffins blanket (in a Doc McStuffins themed basket) that her awesome Aunt Whitney got her for her 2nd birthday (I believe). She’s almost 6 now! I get it – maybe it’s an attachment “feels safe” thing, that’s a whole other conversation! Somewhere else.

Anyhow, I am determined to win over my daughter’s love for one, just one!, quilt that I make her and I am hoping this is my ticket!

I made 6 of these hippos rather quickly using Elizabeth Hartman’s pattern Spectacular Savanna. The finished quilt will measure 40 x 60 in. While I am finishing a quilt on the long arm, I will be thinking about how I will quilt this one as well as finding cute backing for it.

Thanks for visiting!

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